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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ship of Dreams (Dreams Come True #2) by Rebecca Heflin

     Laura Armstrong is extremely good at her job. What is her job? She's in advertising. The biggest account her company has ever seen is available. She's determined to land that account.
     Nathan Maxwell works for a rival ad agency. He is also determined to land this account. He knows his company can do the best work for the company. The bonus that will come with landing the account is exactly what Nathan needs.
     Laura wan't prepared for the competition to be so charming and handsome. 

      Well written with characters you can relate to makes this book one to buy. I enjoyed the banter back and forth between Laura and Nathan. It's humorous, loving and fast paced. This author gave us all a chance to dream in this book. Get your copy today.

     I didn't find any issues.

     I gave this one 5 out of 5 cheers because it's a joy to read.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Unfair Business Practices

I finally heard from amazon but they didn't say much. 

Your AccountAmazon.com
Message From Customer Service

We have determined that you have violated our Customer Review Creation Guidelines. As a result, we have suppressed all of your reviews, and you will no longer be able to post reviews on Amazon.com.

We made this decision after carefully considering your reviewing account. This decision is final.

We cannot share any further information about our decision, and we may not reply to further emails about this issue.

Best regards,
Review Moderator

Looks like I won't be posting on Amazon. I have no reason why they won't let me and I'll understand if authors decide to stop having me review for them.


Thursday, December 7, 2017

No Word Yet From Amazon

I tried to post a new review on several Amazon sites but had no luck. This message is what I see.

Sorry, we are unable to accept your review of this product for either one or both of the following reasons:

Your previous review of this product did not comply with our Customer Reviews Guidelines. Amazon does not permit reviews from customers whose relationship to the product or seller may be perceived as biased.

I've never been warned by them or even received an email stating they were taking them down. This whole thing is ridiculous. Please bear with me.

If, after all the information I've given you, you decide to stop having me review for you. I completely understand. 
Again, Thank You

If you were me and lived in Cuba by Carole P. Roman

  Winter is here so why don't we take a trip to Cuba? Cuba is an island in the Caribbean. There are so many things to see and do. We can go shopping or explore a real Spanish Fort. We could play at the beach before we go exploring again.

     This book is colorful, friendly and exciting. Well written and characters children can relate to. It's the perfect tool for parents. You can use this to "travel" with your children. It will give them a cultural lesson. Ms. Roman's approach to children with this series is the best I've seen. Wonderful books your child will never tire of.

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it's a teaching tool (which I love) and it's a fun read.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


To All Authors:

I am making this announcement so everyone will know. I DID NOT remove any reviews. They were removed by Amazon. Why? This is the question I've been trying to get answered. No one knows why so far. My profile page on Amazon has been wiped clean. 

I continue to contact them to try and get answers although I wonder if a certain disgruntled Author contacted them and complained. I have no proof yet. I'm still working on it. I have explained the situation to them extensively. It seems more complicated than they can handle. 

Please, give me some time before you all decide to lynch me or spread false news. I work hard for my good reputation. I'm furious with them for causing all this trouble with the reviews and my reputation.

I appreciate you checking in here and for your patience. I can't imagine why they did this. I follow their guidelines to the letter and if I miss something, the Authors will contact me so I can fix it.  

Thank you so much,

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Supreme Leadership by Alinka Rutkowska

     Supreme Leadership 

     Gain 500 Years of Wisdom from Successful Business Leaders by multi-award-winning, #1 international best-selling author Alinka Rutkowska 

BIO: Alinka has sold more than 80,000 books and is the founder of Author Remake, LibraryBub and 5-Figure Author Challenge. She's been featured on Fox Business Network, ABC, NBC, CBS and many more. She’s a sought-after speaker and was voted top 5 speaker and named most creative book marketer at the Bestseller Summit Online. 

What is it about? The book brings together the wisdom of 20 CEOs who will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2018. The featured leaders share their secrets to success, recipes for overcoming obstacles and the laws of leadership they’ve developed over the years. 

Target audience: 1. Aspiring leaders 2. Leaders who want to hone their leadership skills 3. Business people fascinated by leadership.

 Competing titles: Good to Great by Jim Collins, The E-Myth by Michael Gerber, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell. 

Timeline - November: finalization of the advanced review copy - December: building of launch team, distribution of ARC for endorsements - January: launch

Endorser profile - Nobel prize winners in Economics - CEOs of large multinational companies - High profile thought leaders on the subject of leadership - Best-selling authors of books on leadership.

 Why endorse? Celebrity status endorsers will have their quote included in the book and on the retail pages together with their url. The book will be promoted far and wide and so will be your brand.

Contact alinka@authorremake.com

HOW I SOLD 80,000 BOOKS: Book Marketing for Authors (Self Publishing through Amazon and Other Retailers) by Alinka Rutkowska

   Get your copy of this book FREE! It's only for a limited time though. It will help in many ways. Tried and true strategies for the author who is self publishing their books. Check this book out right now! Get your copy on Amazon or through this link- https://authorremake.com/book/

  • I think the book is brilliant. [...] It is Jam-packed with practical ideas to promote your book and increase your sales. Author is practically giving away book selling secrets for free! Must-read for all authors - new, established, and esp. those going the self-published route.
  • Often when I see this type of title, I am skeptical on whether the information contained inside will actually be beneficial. I have to say this was. Although the book just gave hints of things in the beginning, the author slowly built her case and method for book creation, crafting, promotion, reviews and more. She kept giving and I must give her 5 stars! Thanks for putting this together and making it available!
  • Amazingly astute! Very informative, tells you right where to go and who to see to get your books sold.
  • This book offers some really great tips for new or seasoned authors. I can't wait to implement some of these practices in my book business. Warning though...it is A LOT to take in! :)
    BECKY W.
  • This book was very informative. Gave terrific ideas on how to market a book - both e-books and paper books. Highly recommended.
  • I definitely appreciate publishing advice from a SUCCESSFUL author! This book is a gem and I wish I'd read it last year. I'm re-reading it right now, as we speak:)
  • This book is excellent. Packed with great information which can be put to use immediately. In fact, there's so much useful information, it will take me a while to implement it.
  • I spent days to try to understand how to market and promote my first book, until i found "HOW I SOLD 80,000 BOOKS".
    LILLY B.
  • This is a great book. It's full of useful information. I highly recommend it.
  • Very detailed and in-depth as I am walked through the "4p's" of self publishing. Easy to understand and follow and even better, her methods are doable.
  • Great information. Wish I'd had this before my first published novel.
  • The best book for self-published writers I've read.